Nebraska Revised Statute 60-4,131.01

Chapter 60


Individuals operating commercial motor vehicles for military purposes; applicability of sections.

Sections 60-462.01 and 60-4,132 to 60-4,172 shall not apply to individuals who operate commercial motor vehicles for military purposes, including and limited to:

(1) Active duty military personnel;

(2) Members of the military reserves, other than military technicians;

(3) Active duty United States Coast Guard personnel; and

(4) Members of the National Guard on active duty, including:

(a) Personnel on full-time National Guard duty;

(b) Personnel on part-time National Guard training; and

(c) National Guard military technicians required to wear military uniforms.

Such individuals must have a valid military driver's license unless such individual is operating the vehicle under written orders from a commanding officer in an emergency declared by the federal government or by the State of Nebraska.