Nebraska Revised Statute 59-1753

Chapter 59


Seller; inadvertent defects; cure; purchaser; rights.

If the seller inadvertently has failed to make any of the disclosures required by sections 59-1732 to 59-1740 or the contract inadvertently fails to comply with the requirements of the Seller-Assisted Marketing Plan Act, the seller may cure such inadvertent defect by providing the purchaser with the correct disclosure documents or contract if at the time of providing such correct disclosures or contract the seller also informs the purchaser in writing that because of the seller's error, the purchaser shall have an additional fifteen-day period after receipt of the correct disclosures or contract within which to cancel the contract and receive a full return of all money paid in exchange for return of whatever equipment, supplies, or products the purchaser has. If the purchaser does not cancel the contract within fifteen days after receipt of the correct disclosures or contract, he or she may not in the future exercise his or her right to void the contract under this section and sections 59-1752, 59-1754, and 59-1755 due to such noncompliance with the disclosure or contract requirements of the act.