Nebraska Revised Statute 59-1732

Chapter 59


Seller-assisted marketing plan; potential purchaser; seller provide disclosure document.

In the first in-person communication with a potential purchaser or in the first written response to an inquiry by a potential purchaser wherein the seller-assisted marketing plan is described, the seller shall provide the prospective purchaser a written disclosure document which contains the disclosure information required by sections 59-1733 to 59-1740. Such disclosure document shall contain a cover sheet entitled in at least sixteen-point boldface capital letters DISCLOSURE REQUIRED BY NEBRASKA LAW. Under the title shall appear, in boldface of at least ten-point type, the statement: The State of Nebraska has not reviewed and does not approve, recommend, endorse, or sponsor any seller-assisted marketing plan. The information contained in this disclosure has not been checked by the state. If you have any questions about this purchase, see an attorney or other financial advisor before you sign a contract or agreement.

Nothing shall appear on the cover sheet except the title and the statement required by this section. A disclosure document prepared pursuant to sections 59-1733 to 59-1740 shall include a statement which either positively or negatively responds to each disclosure item required by sections 59-1733 and 59-1735 by use of a statement which fully incorporates the information required by the item. This disclosure document shall be given to the potential purchaser and held by the potential purchaser for at least forty-eight hours prior to the execution of a seller-assisted marketing contract or at least forty-eight hours prior to the receipt of any consideration.


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