Nebraska Revised Statute 59-1739

Chapter 59


Disclosure document; contain financial information; verification.

The disclosure document required by section 59-1732 shall contain a copy of a financial statement of the seller, not more than twelve months old, together with a statement of any material changes in the financial condition of the seller from the date thereof. Such financial statement shall either be audited or be signed under penalty of perjury by one of the seller's officers, directors, trustees, general or limited partners, or limited liability company members. The declaration under penalty of perjury shall indicate that to the best of the signatory's knowledge and belief the information in the financial statement is true and accurate. If a seller is a subsidiary of another corporation which is permitted by generally accepted accounting standards to prepare financial statements on a consolidated basis, the information required by this section may be submitted in the same manner for the parent corporation if the corresponding financial statement of the seller is also provided and the parent corporation absolutely and irrevocably has agreed to guarantee all obligations of the seller.