Nebraska Revised Statute 59-1733

Chapter 59


Disclosure document; information; requirements.

The disclosure document required by section 59-1732 shall contain the following information:

(1) The name of the seller, the name under which the seller is doing or intends to do business, the seller's principal business address, the seller's business form, including identification of the state under whose laws the seller is organized or incorporated, and the name, principal business address, and business form of any parent or affiliated company that will engage in business transactions with purchasers or accept responsibility for statements made by the seller;

(2) A statement of the initial payment charged or, when not known, a statement of approximate initial payment charged, and a statement of the amount of the initial payment to be paid to a person inducing, directly or indirectly, a purchaser to contract for the seller-assisted marketing plan;

(3) A full and detailed description of the actual services the seller will or may undertake to perform for the purchaser;

(4) The following legend shall be included in the disclosure document when the seller makes any statement concerning earnings or range of earnings that may be made through the seller-assisted marketing plan:

No guarantee of earnings or ranges of earnings can be made. The number of purchasers who have earned through this business an amount in excess of the amount of their initial payment is at least ............, which represents ....... percent of the total number of purchasers of this seller-assisted marketing plan;

(5) A complete description of any training provided by or through the seller or any person recommended or specified by the seller, including the length of the training and a statement of any costs associated with the training which the purchaser will be responsible for paying;

(6) A complete description of any services to be performed by the seller or any person recommended or specified by the seller in connection with the placement of the equipment, product, or supplies at a location from which they will be sold or used, the full nature of those services, including a statement identifying any third party the seller may hire for such services and the nature of any agreement between the seller and the third party, as well as the nature of the agreements to be made with the owner or manager of the location at which the purchaser's equipment, product, or supplies will be placed and any costs associated with such placement services which the purchaser will be responsible for paying;

(7) A statement completely and clearly disclosing the entire and precise nature of any arrangement (a) whereby the seller agrees to buy back the product, supplies, or equipment initially sold or (b) whereby the initial payment is secured, that the seller represented orally or in writing to exist when soliciting or offering for sale or lease or selling or leasing a seller-assisted marketing plan;

(8) A statement setting forth (a) the total number of seller-assisted marketing plans, which are the same as the plan described in the disclosure document, that have been set up or organized by the seller, (b) the number of such seller-assisted marketing plans in existence at the end of the preceding year, (c) the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the ten seller-assisted marketing plan purchasers nearest the prospective purchaser's intended location. If less than ten seller-assisted marketing plan purchasers exist, the total number of purchasers shall be used, and (d) the total number of seller-assisted marketing plans the seller intends to set up in Nebraska and across the nation within the next twelve months; and

(9) Any other information which the Department of Banking and Finance may require by rule, regulation, or order, to be disclosed for the protection of purchasers.