Nebraska Revised Statute 58-708

Chapter 58


Department of Economic Development; selection of projects to receive assistance; duties; recapture funds; when.

(1) During each calendar year in which funds are available from the Affordable Housing Trust Fund for use by the Department of Economic Development, the department shall make its best efforts to allocate not less than thirty percent of such funds to each congressional district. The department shall announce a grant and loan application period of at least ninety days duration for all projects. In selecting projects to receive trust fund assistance, the department shall develop a qualified allocation plan and give first priority to financially viable projects that serve the lowest income occupants for the longest period of time. The qualified allocation plan shall:

(a) Set forth selection criteria to be used to determine housing priorities of the housing trust fund which are appropriate to local conditions, including the community's immediate need for affordable housing, proposed increases in home ownership, private dollars leveraged, level of local government support and participation, and repayment, in part or in whole, of financial assistance awarded by the fund; and

(b) Give first priority in allocating trust fund assistance among selected projects to those projects which are located in whole or in part within an enterprise zone designated pursuant to the Enterprise Zone Act or an opportunity zone designated pursuant to the federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Public Law 115-97, serve the lowest income occupant, are located in an area that has been declared an extremely blighted area under section 18-2101.02, and are obligated to serve qualified occupants for the longest period of time.

(2) The department shall fund in order of priority as many applications as will utilize available funds less actual administrative costs of the department in administering the program. In administering the program the department may contract for services or directly provide funds to other governmental entities or instrumentalities.

(3) The department may recapture any funds which were allocated to a qualified recipient for an eligible project through an award agreement if such funds were not utilized for eligible costs within the time of performance under the agreement and are therefor no longer obligated to the project. The recaptured funds shall be credited to the Affordable Housing Trust Fund.

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