Nebraska Revised Statute 57-607

Chapter 57


Acquisition of property; eminent domain; procedure; payment of severance tax.

Except as otherwise provided in sections 57-603 to 57-606, all proceedings in connection with the condemnation and acquisition of such underground storage and such other rights or interests as may be necessary and proper to the full enjoyment of such right shall be in accordance and compliance with sections 76-704 to 76-724, including full rights of appeal as to the amount of damages. The condemner shall pay the severance tax due on all commercially recoverable native gas being acquired for underground storage purposes whether such acquisition is made voluntarily or under the provisions of sections 57-601 to 57-609. The tax shall be based on the current value of the gas and shall be paid to the State Treasurer on the volume of commercially recoverable native gas remaining in place at the time of acquisition as found by the Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission pursuant to section 57-605. The State Treasurer shall place the tax received in the Severance Tax Fund.


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