Nebraska Revised Statute 57-1603

Chapter 57


Terms, defined.

For purposes of the Nebraska Geologic Storage of Carbon Dioxide Act:

(1) Applicable underground injection control program for each class of storage facility injection well means the program, or most recent amendment thereof, for that class of well in Nebraska as provided by federal law;

(2) Carbon dioxide stream means carbon dioxide from anthropogenic sources, plus incidental associated substances derived from the source materials and the production or capture process, and any substances added to the stream to enable or improve the injection process if such substances will not compromise the safety of geologic storage and will not compromise those properties of a storage reservoir which allow the reservoir to effectively enclose and contain the stored carbon dioxide stream;

(3) Commission means the Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission;

(4) Geologic storage means the permanent or short-term underground storage of carbon dioxide streams in a storage reservoir;

(5) Permit means a permit issued by the commission under the Nebraska Geologic Storage of Carbon Dioxide Act allowing a person to operate a storage facility;

(6) Reservoir means a subsurface stratum, formation, cavity, or void, whether natural or artificially created, suitable for or capable of receiving through a well and geologically storing a carbon dioxide stream;

(7) Reservoir estate means ownership of any portion of a storage reservoir;

(8) Storage facility means the storage reservoir, underground equipment, and surface facilities and equipment used or proposed to be used in a geologic storage operation. The term includes the injection well and equipment used to connect the surface facility and equipment to the storage reservoir and underground equipment. The term does not include pipelines used to transport carbon dioxide to the storage facility;

(9) Storage operator means a person holding or applying for a permit under the act; and

(10) Storage reservoir means the reservoir proposed, authorized, or used for storing one or more carbon dioxide streams pursuant to a permit. The term does not include reservoirs used for purposes other than storage of carbon dioxide streams.