Nebraska Revised Statute 57-1602

Chapter 57


Legislative findings and declarations.

The Legislature finds, recognizes, and declares that it is in the public interest to promote the geologic storage of carbon dioxide. Doing so will benefit the state and the global environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and will help ensure the viability of the state's energy and power industries, to the economic benefit of Nebraska and its citizens. Further, geologic storage of carbon dioxide, a potentially valuable commodity, may allow for its ready availability if needed for commercial, industrial, or other uses. Geologic storage, however, to be practical and effective, requires cooperative use of surface and subsurface property interests and the collaboration of property owners. Obtaining consent from all owners may not be feasible, requiring procedures that promote, in a manner fair to all interests, cooperative management, thereby ensuring the maximum use of natural resources. Use of any subsurface stratum and any materials and fluids contained therein for geologic storage of carbon dioxide is a reasonable and beneficial use.