Nebraska Revised Statute 54-750

Chapter 54


Diseased animals; harboring or sale prohibited; penalties.

It shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly harbor, sell, or otherwise dispose of any animal or any part thereof affected with an infectious, contagious, or otherwise transmissible disease except as provided by sections 54-701 to 54-753 and the rules and regulations prescribed by the Department of Agriculture thereunder. Any person so offending shall be deemed guilty of a Class II misdemeanor for the first violation and a Class I misdemeanor for any subsequent violation.



  • Word knowingly must be interpolated into administrative regulations. R. D. Lowrance, Inc. v. Peterson, 185 Neb. 679, 178 N.W.2d 277 (1970).

  • The fact that an employee of a packing company contracted disease from germs carelessly allowed to remain on meat did not give rise to a cause of action against the packing company under this section. Russo v. Swift & Co., 136 Neb. 406, 286 N.W. 291 (1939).