Nebraska Revised Statute 54-744.01

Chapter 54


Dead animals; carcasses; disposal facilities; registration; when.

(1) Livestock carcasses may be disposed of in a research or demonstration facility for innovative livestock disposal methods registered with the Department of Agriculture, except that a research or demonstration facility of liquefaction shall not be registered under this section and liquefaction shall not be permitted as a method of livestock disposal. The registration of a facility under this section shall contain a description of the facility, the location and proposed duration of the research or demonstration, and a description of the method of disposal to be utilized. The department may register up to five such research or demonstration facilities conducted in conjunction with private livestock operations which meet all of the following conditions:

(a) The project is designed and conducted by one or more research faculty of the University of Nebraska;

(b) The project does not duplicate other research or demonstration projects;

(c) The project sponsors submit annual reports on the project and a final report at the conclusion of the project;

(d) The project employs adequate safeguards against disease transmission or environmental contamination; and

(e) The project meets any other conditions deemed prudent by the director.

(2) It is the intent of the Legislature that the department register at least one research or demonstration facility for innovative livestock disposal methods which shall be located upon the premises of an animal feeding operation as defined in section 54-2417. Before registering such facility, the department shall first consult with the Department of Environment and Energy and the Department of Health and Human Services. The Department of Agriculture may revoke the registration of the facility at any time if the director has reason to believe that the facility no longer meets the conditions for registration.

(3) Only the carcasses of livestock that have died upon the animal feeding operation premises where a research or demonstration facility for innovative livestock disposal methods is located may be disposed of at such facility. Carcasses from other locations shall not be transported to such facility for disposal.

(4) A facility registered under this section is exempt from the requirements for disposal of solid waste under the Integrated Solid Waste Management Act.

Cross References

  • Integrated Solid Waste Management Act, see section 13-2001.