Nebraska Revised Statute 54-705

Chapter 54


Prevention of diseases; orders of department; enforcement.

The Department of Agriculture or any officer, agent, employee, or appointee thereof may call upon any sheriff, deputy sheriff, or other police officer to execute the orders of the department, and the officer shall obey the orders of the department. The officers performing such duties shall receive compensation therefor as is prescribed by law for like services and shall be paid therefor by the county. Any officer may arrest and take before the county judge of the county any person found violating any of the provisions of the Exotic Animal Auction or Exchange Venue Act and sections 54-701 to 54-753.05, and such officer shall immediately notify the county attorney of such arrest. The county attorney shall prosecute the person so offending according to law.


Cross References

  • Exotic Animal Auction or Exchange Venue Act, see section 54-7,105.