Nebraska Revised Statute 54-2421

Chapter 54


Cold water class A streams; designation.

A map delineating segments and watershed boundaries for cold water class A streams, as designated prior to May 25, 1999, and prepared by the Department of Environment and Energy and the Department of Natural Resources, shall be maintained by the Department of Environment and Energy and used by the department for determinations made concerning cold water class A streams and stream watersheds under the Livestock Waste Management Act unless changed by the council. Beginning on May 25, 1999, the council may designate and may redesignate previously designated waters of this state as cold water class A streams for purposes of the act based on the determination by the council that the waters provide or could provide habitat of sufficient water volume or flow, water quality, substrate composition, and water temperature capable of maintaining year-round populations of cold water biota, including reproduction of a salmonoid (trout) population. The council shall not designate or redesignate a stream as a cold water class A stream unless the stream has supported the reproduction of a salmonoid (trout) population within the previous five years. The department shall revise and maintain the cold water class A stream and stream watershed map to incorporate all designations and redesignations of the council.