Nebraska Revised Statute 54-1805

Chapter 54


Director of Agriculture; violations; restraining order; appointment of receiver; Attorney General, county attorney; duties.

Whenever the director has reason to believe that the purchase of livestock for slaughter by a purchaser is causing or may reasonably be expected to result in a failure by the purchaser to fulfill obligations incurred in the purchase of livestock for slaughter or in the event of a violation of any of the provisions of sections 54-1801 to 54-1808 or the rules and regulations duly promulgated thereunder, the director may apply for a temporary or permanent injunction restraining any purchaser from purchasing slaughter livestock or violating or continuing to violate any of the provisions of sections 54-1801 to 54-1808 or any rule or regulation promulgated under sections 54-1801 to 54-1808, notwithstanding the existence of other remedies at law. For good cause shown, the district court may appoint the director or the director's designee to serve as a receiver for the purchaser for the protection of the sellers of slaughter livestock to the purchaser. It shall be the duty of each county attorney or the Attorney General to whom the director reports any violation to cause appropriate proceedings to be instituted in the proper courts without delay and to be prosecuted in the manner required by law.


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