Nebraska Revised Statute 54-179

Chapter 54


Certificate of inspection, defined.

Certificate of inspection means the official document issued and signed by a brand inspector authorizing (1) movement of livestock from a point of origin within the brand inspection area to a destination either inside or outside of the brand inspection area or outside of this state, (2) slaughter of livestock as specified on such certificate, or (3) the change of ownership of livestock as specified on such certificate. A certificate of inspection shall designate, as needed, the name of the shipper, consignor, or seller of the livestock, the purchaser or consignee of the livestock, the destination of the livestock, the vehicle license number or carrier number, the miles driven by an inspector to perform inspection, the amount of inspection fees collected, the number and sex of the livestock to be moved or slaughtered, any brands on the livestock, any approved nonvisual identifiers, and the brand owner. A certificate of inspection shall be construed and is intended to be documentary evidence of ownership on all livestock covered by such document.