Nebraska Revised Statute 54-172

Chapter 54


Bill of sale, defined.

Bill of sale means a formal instrument for the conveyance or transfer of title to livestock or other goods and chattels. The bill of sale shall state the purchaser's name and address, the date of transfer, the guarantee of title, the number of livestock transferred, the sex of such livestock, the brand or brands, the location of the brand or brands or a statement to the effect that the animal is unbranded, any approved nonvisual identifiers, and the name and address of the seller. The signature of the seller shall be attested by at least one witness or acknowledged by a notary public or by some other officer authorized by state law to take acknowledgments. For any conveyance or transfer of title to cattle subject to assessment imposed pursuant to the federal Beef Promotion and Research Order, 7 C.F.R. part 1260, for which the purchaser is the collecting person pursuant to 7 C.F.R. 1260.311 for purposes of collecting and remitting such assessment, the bill of sale shall include a notation of the amount the purchaser collected from the seller or deducted from the sale proceeds for the assessment. A properly executed bill of sale means a bill of sale that is provided by the seller and received by the purchaser.