Nebraska Revised Statute 54-1350

Chapter 54


Lease, loan, trade, or sell female swine or boars; prohibited; exceptions.

No person shall lease, loan, trade, or sell female swine or boars six months of age and over, except swine consigned for immediate slaughter, or offer or receive the services of any male swine for breeding purposes, unless (1) such swine have been given an official brucellosis test by an authorized representative of the bureau within thirty days prior to the date of such transaction and found free of brucellosis, (2) such swine originated from a validated herd, or (3) Nebraska is a validated brucellosis-free state for swine in accordance with the terms of 9 C.F.R. 78.1 in effect on January 1, 1990.


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  • Laws 1991, LB 358, § 4.