Nebraska Revised Statute 54-1348

Chapter 54


Terms, defined.

As used in sections 54-1348 to 54-1366, unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) Brucellosis shall mean the disease wherein an animal of the porcine species is infected with brucella microorganisms, irrespective of the occurrence or absence of clinical symptoms of infectious abortion;

(2) Bureau shall mean the Bureau of Animal Industry of the Department of Agriculture;

(3) Exposed herd shall mean a herd that has been exposed to a brucellosis-infected or exposed animal or herd under quarantine or that has been in direct contact with reactor animals in commerce for at least twenty-four hours. Exposed herd shall also include a herd that has had direct contact with a reactor that has recently aborted or farrowed, or has a vaginal or uterine discharge;

(4) Entire herd test shall mean a brucellosis test of all breeding swine six months of age and over within a herd;

(5) Immediate slaughter shall mean delivered directly to an officially inspected slaughter establishment within seven days of removal from the farm of origin or following the date of sale through any market;

(6) Infected herd shall mean a herd in which reactors have been disclosed by an official test;

(7) Market swine testing program shall mean an official test of swine moving in trade through auction markets, stockyards, and livestock dealer concentration points, to slaughtering establishments, or officially tested on the farm of origin immediately prior to movement;

(8) Negative shall mean any swine disclosing a negative reaction to an official brucellosis test;

(9) Official test shall mean an agglutination test of blood samples taken in a manner acceptable to the State Veterinarian with an approved antigen in a manner approved by the State Veterinarian and made by an authorized representative of the bureau. Official test shall also include other tests which may in the future be designated and approved by the State Veterinarian;

(10) Reactor shall mean any swine disclosing a positive reaction to an official brucellosis test;

(11) State Veterinarian shall mean the chief of the Bureau of Animal Industry of the Department of Agriculture; and

(12) Validated herd shall mean a swine herd that has met the requirements for validation as set forth in section 54-1349.


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