Nebraska Revised Statute 53-172

Chapter 53


Original packages; labels; seals; requirements.

No manufacturer or wholesaler shall sell or deliver any original package containing alcoholic liquor, except beer and wine, manufactured or distributed by him or her unless the package has affixed thereto a clear and legible label containing the name and address of the manufacturer, the kind of alcoholic liquor contained in the package, and, in the case of alcoholic liquor other than beer, the date when manufactured. No original package of alcoholic liquor shall be delivered by any manufacturer or wholesaler unless the package is securely sealed so that the contents cannot be removed without breaking the seal placed thereon by such manufacturer, and no other licensee shall sell, have in his or her possession, or use any original package which does not comply with this section or which does not bear evidence that such original package, when delivered to him or her, complied with this section.