Nebraska Revised Statute 53-167.03

Chapter 53


Keg identification number; prohibited acts; violation; penalty; deposit.

(1) Any person who unlawfully tampers with, alters, or removes the keg identification number from a container described in section 53-167.02 or is in possession of a container described in section 53-167.02 with an altered or removed keg identification number after such container has been taken from the licensed premises pursuant to a retail sale and before its return to such licensed premises or other place where returned kegs are accepted shall be guilty of a Class III misdemeanor.

(2) A licensee may require a deposit of not more than the replacement cost of the container described in section 53-167.02 from a person purchasing alcohol for consumption off the premises. Such deposit may be retained by the licensee, in the amount of actual damages, if upon return the container or any associated equipment is damaged or if the keg identification number has been unlawfully tampered with, altered, or removed and such tampering, alteration, or removal has been reported to a law enforcement officer.