Nebraska Revised Statute 52-130

Chapter 52


Real estate improvement contract, defined.

(1) Except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, real estate improvement contract shall mean an agreement to perform services, including labor, or to furnish materials for the purpose of producing a change in the physical condition of land or of a structure including:

(a) Alteration of the surface by excavation, fill, change in grade, or change in a shore, bank, or flood plain of a stream, swamp, or body of water;

(b) Construction or installation on, above, or below the surface of land;

(c) Demolition, repair, remodeling, or removal of a structure previously constructed or installed;

(d) Seeding, sodding, or other landscaping operation;

(e) Surface or subsurface testing, boring, or analyzing; and

(f) Preparation of plans, surveys, or architectural or engineering plans or drawings for any change in the physical condition of land or structures whether or not used incident to producing a change in physical condition of the real estate.

(2) A contract for the mining or removal of timber, minerals, gravel, soil, sod, or things growing on land, or other similar contracts in which the activity is primarily for the purpose of realizing upon the disposal or removal of the objects removed, or a contract for the planting, cultivation, or harvesting of crops or for the preparation of the soil for planting of crops, is not a real estate improvement contract.


  • Laws 1981, LB 512, § 6.


  • General cleanup activities in preparation for sale of property are inconsistent with the property changes contemplated and required by this section for a valid construction lien. Taylor v. Taylor, 277 Neb. 617, 764 N.W.2d 101 (2009).