Nebraska Revised Statute 50-501

Chapter 50


Bioscience Steering Committee; created; members; prepare strategic plan; commission nonprofit corporation; Biotechnology Development Cash Fund; created; use; investment.

(1) The Bioscience Steering Committee is created. The committee shall consist of the chairperson of the Revenue Committee of the Legislature or his or her designee, the chairperson of the Appropriations Committee or his or her designee, and three members of the Legislature selected by the Executive Board of the Legislative Council. The executive board shall appoint a chairperson and vice-chairperson of the committee.

(2) The committee shall conduct a study to measure the impact of the bioscience economy in Nebraska and prepare a strategic plan for growing the bioscience economy in Nebraska. The strategic plan shall report on any progress or remaining work since the last study conducted on the bioscience industry. The strategic plan shall further propose strategies for developing the bioscience economy and shall include, but not be limited to, strategies to (a) stimulate job growth in the fields of science, technology, and engineering throughout Nebraska, (b) encourage individuals and organizations engaged in the biotechnology businesses to locate and expand in Nebraska, (c) capture and commercialize technology that is discovered and developed in Nebraska, (d) grow Nebraska’s investment capital market and incentivize investment in life science start-up companies, and (e) develop Nebraska’s biotechnology workforce in cooperation with higher education institutions. The strategic plan shall estimate the wealth and number of jobs generated from expanding the bioscience economy.

(3) The committee, in consultation with the executive board, shall commission a nonprofit corporation to provide research, analysis, and recommendations to the committee for the development of the study and strategic plan. The nonprofit corporation shall be incorporated pursuant to the Nebraska Nonprofit Corporation Act, shall be organized exclusively for nonprofit purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code as defined in section 49-801.01, shall be engaged in activities to facilitate and promote the growth of life sciences within Nebraska, and shall be dedicated to the development and growth of the bioscience economy.

(4) The committee shall prepare and present electronically to the Legislature a statewide strategic plan for the bioscience economy during the One Hundred Fifth Legislature, First Session, for consideration by the Legislature.

(5)(a) The Biotechnology Development Cash Fund is created. The money in the fund shall be used to commission the nonprofit corporation and provide access to resources necessary for developing the study and strategic plan.

(b) The fund may receive gifts, bequests, grants, or other contributions or donations from public or private entities. Any money in the fund available for investment shall be invested by the state investment officer pursuant to the Nebraska Capital Expansion Act and the Nebraska State Funds Investment Act.

Cross References

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