Nebraska Revised Statute 50-425

Chapter 50


Education Committee of the Legislature; study uses of State Lottery Act proceeds dedicated to education; report.

The Education Committee of the Legislature shall conduct a study of potential uses of the funds dedicated to education from proceeds of the lottery conducted pursuant to the State Lottery Act. The committee shall submit a report electronically on the findings and any recommendations to the Clerk of the Legislature on or before December 31, 2014. Factors the study shall consider, but not be limited to, include:

(1) The educational priorities of the state;

(2) What types of educational activities are suited to being funded by state lottery funds as opposed to state general funds;

(3) Whether state lottery funds should be used for significant projects requiring temporary funding or to sustain ongoing activities; and

(4) Whether periodic reviews of the use of lottery funds for education should be scheduled.

Cross References

  • State Lottery Act, see section 9-801.