Nebraska Revised Statute 48-187

Chapter 48


Filing fees; clerks of courts; what permitted.

No filing fees shall be charged by the clerk of any court for any service required by the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act except as provided in sections 48-138, 48-139, and 48-188.



  • No filing fee is required in workmen's compensation cases. Elliott v. Gooch Feed Mill Co., 147 Neb. 309, 23 N.W.2d 262 (1946).

  • Filing fees for appeals under Workmen's Compensation Act are not required. Lee v. Lincoln Cleaning & Dye Works, 144 Neb. 659, 14 N.W.2d 227 (1944).

  • All costs other than filing fees are taxable, and bond or cash deposit must be provided in perfecting appeal to Supreme Court. Hoffman v. State, 142 Neb. 821, 8 N.W.2d 200 (1943).

  • The Workmen's Compensation Act, being complete and independent in itself, amends the statutory provisions heretofore existing relating to fees on filing appeals in Supreme Court, and filing fee is not required on filing appeal to Supreme Court in compensation case. Scott v. Dohrse, 130 Neb. 847, 266 N.W. 709 (1936).