Nebraska Revised Statute 47-406

Chapter 47


Prisoner's account; disbursement.

As soon as adequate funds are available in the prisoner's account in accordance with section 47-403, and to the extent of the funds in such account, the court shall, by written order, disburse such funds for the following purposes and in the following order of priority:

(1) The board of the prisoner;

(2) Necessary travel expense and other incidental expenses of the prisoner;

(3) Support of the prisoner's dependents, if any;

(4) Payment either in full or in part, of the prisoner's obligations acknowledged by him in writing, or which have been reduced to judgment; and

(5) The balance, if any, to the prisoner upon his discharge.


  • Laws 1969, c. 208, § 6, p. 814.


  • Board includes food, but not lodging, in this section. State v. Towle, 197 Neb. 494, 249 N.W.2d 754 (1977).