Nebraska Revised Statute 47-302

Chapter 47


Joint county and city jail; acquisition of land; procedure; bonds; taxes; election; when required.

(1) The county board of such county, and the mayor and council or legislative authorities of such incorporated city located within the county, are hereby authorized and empowered to unite in the construction and maintenance of a jail, and to acquire land by purchase, condemnation, or otherwise for farm or other purposes for the employment of such prisoners. The procedure to condemn property shall be exercised in the manner set forth in sections 76-704 to 76-724.

(2) Whenever such county and city may agree upon the location and specifications of the jail and land, they may each proceed to issue bonds, levy taxes, and do all other necessary acts to erect a jail building and to purchase land and erect buildings thereon, all to be owned jointly by both county and city aforesaid. Any such city shall have power to borrow money and pledge the credit and property thereof on its negotiable bonds or otherwise, for the purpose of paying for its portion of the cost of any such land, jail, or both, except that neither the county nor the city shall make any contracts or spend any funds toward carrying out the purposes specified, until authority for action by both shall have been obtained.

(3) When required by law, the question involved in the appropriations for the jail and the purchase of the land shall be submitted to a vote of the people of the county or city.


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