Nebraska Revised Statute 46-553

Chapter 46


Annual assessments; levy; limitations; additional levy.

The board in making the annual assessments and levies as provided in the Reclamation Act shall take into account the maturing indebtedness for the ensuing year as provided in its contracts, the maturing of bonds and interest on all bonds, and deficiencies and defaults of prior years and shall make ample provision for the payment thereof. In case the proceeds of such levies and assessments made under the act, together with all revenue of the district, are not sufficient to maintain and operate the works of the district and to punctually pay the annual installments on its contracts, bonds, or contracts and bonds and interest thereon and to pay defaults and deficiencies, then the board shall make such additional levies of taxes, assessments, or taxes and assessments as may be necessary for such purposes and notwithstanding any limitations by contract, order, tax lien, or otherwise. Such taxes and assessments shall be made and continue until the indebtedness of the district is fully paid. The amount of such additional levies of taxes under Class A as provided in section 46-542 shall not in any one year exceed an amount that would be raised by a levy of three and five-tenths cents on each one hundred dollars against the taxable value of such property as fixed for general tax purposes. The levies for defaults and deficiencies shall not at any time be so made as to impose upon Class A as provided in section 46-542 payments in excess of twenty-five percent of the anticipated revenue from all sources to be raised for the specific purpose of payment of existing defaults and deficiencies. In making such additional levies, assessments, or levies and assessments, the board shall take into account all sources of revenue and equitably distribute the burden of such defaults and deficiencies according to the uses and benefits as provided in the act.


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  • An additional levy of taxes is authorized by this section. Nebraska Mid-State Reclamation District v. Hall County, 152 Neb. 410, 41 N.W.2d 397 (1950).