Nebraska Revised Statute 46-552

Chapter 46


Water service; petition; notice; hearing; order.

The secretary of the board shall cause notice of the filing of such petition to be given and published, which notice shall state the filing of such petition and give notice to all persons interested to appear at the office of the board at a time named in the notice and show cause in writing, if any they have, why the petition should not be granted. The board at the time and place mentioned in said notice, or at such time or times to which the hearing on the petition may be adjourned, shall proceed to hear the petition and objections thereto presented in writing by any person showing cause as aforesaid, why the petition should not be granted. The failure of any person interested to show cause, in writing, as aforesaid, shall be deemed and taken as an assent on his part to the granting of the petition. The board may, at its discretion, accept or reject the petition. If it deems it is for the best interest of the district that the petition shall be granted, it shall enter an order to that effect granting the petition, and from and after such order the petitioner or persons interested therein shall be deemed to have acquired the water service as set forth in the order. If such petition is granted, the board shall cause a certified copy of the order granting the petition to be recorded in the county in which the lands are located and thereafter, the annual installments and annual operating and maintenance charges shall be a perpetual tax lien upon such lands. The board shall certify to the county assessor, or county clerk acting as ex officio county assessor, of the county within the district in which such lands are located the amount of the annual installments, plus a fair proportionate amount of the estimated operating and maintenance charges apportioned to the lands for the term of years such service is to be supplied, and such county assessor shall extend the amount so certified on the tax roll as a flat special assessment against the lands for which such water is petitioned and allotted.


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