Nebraska Revised Statute 46-143

Chapter 46


District bonds; payment by district treasurer; additional bonds required.

The board of directors may at any time elect to have the bonds and coupons of the district paid by the district treasurer instead of the county treasurer, and in that case, they shall, after passing a resolution to that effect, furnish the county treasurer with a copy of the resolution, duly certified by the district secretary. Upon receiving the resolution, it shall be the duty of the county treasurer to pay to the district treasurer from time to time, upon order of the board of directors of the district, any money in his hands belonging to the bond fund of the district, whether collected from principal or interest of such bonds, and upon such payment, the county treasurer shall be relieved from any further liability in regard to funds so paid over. The district treasurer, in such cases, shall give additional bond in double the amount of money which the board of directors estimate will come into his possession under sections 46-142 and 46-143 in any semiannual period. Upon the giving of such bond, it shall be the duty of the district treasurer to pay the bonds and coupons when due, and he shall have all the duties and rights given to the county treasurer by said sections in regard to payment of bonds and coupons, and investment funds.


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  • It is the duty of the treasurer of the district, when funds are available, to pay bonds and coupons then due upon presentment, irrespective of date of registration. State ex rel. Brown v. Taylor, 125 Neb. 228, 249 N.W. 586 (1933).