Nebraska Revised Statute 46-1235

Chapter 46


License; disciplinary actions; grounds.

In cases other than those relating to failure to meet the requirements for an initial license, the Director of Environment and Energy may deny, refuse renewal of, suspend, or revoke licenses or may take other disciplinary action following notice and an opportunity for a hearing for any of the following acts or offenses:

(1) Violation of the Water Well Standards and Contractors' Practice Act or any standards, rules, or regulations adopted and promulgated pursuant to such act;

(2) Fraud or deception by the applicant or licensee;

(3) Failure to exercise reasonable care in the practice of the trade;

(4) Inability to properly perform the practice of the trade;

(5) Failure to comply with continuing education requirements for licensure under the act;

(6) Conduct or practices detrimental to the health or safety of persons hiring the services of the licensee or of members of the general public;

(7) Practice of the trade while the license to do so is suspended or practice of the trade in contravention of any limitation placed upon the license;

(8) Failing to file a water well registration required by subsection (1), (2), (3), (4), or (5) of section 46-602 or failing to file a notice required by subsection (7) of such section; or

(9) Failing to file a properly completed notice of abandonment of a water well required by subsection (8) of section 46-602.