Nebraska Revised Statute 46-111

Chapter 46


District; organization and officers; election; procedure; canvass of votes; order of board; filing; election precincts.

(1) Irrigation district elections shall be conducted in accordance with the Irrigation District Act.

(2) The county board shall meet on the second Monday next succeeding any irrigation district election or next succeeding the deadline for casting ballots in an irrigation district election by mail and canvass the votes cast at the election or by mail. If upon such canvass of the election for the formation of the district it appears that at least a majority of all votes cast are Irrigation district ........... Yes, the county board shall by an order entered on its minutes, declare such territory duly organized as an irrigation district, under the name and style therefor designated, and shall declare the persons receiving, respectively, the highest number of votes for such several offices to be duly elected to such offices. The county board shall cause a copy of such order, duly certified, to be immediately filed for record in the office of the county register of deeds of each county in which any portion of such lands are situated and shall also immediately forward a copy thereof to the clerk of the county board of each of the counties in which any portion of the district may lie; and no county board of any county, including any portion of such district, shall, after the date of the organization of such district, allow another district to be formed including any of the lands of such district, without the consent of the board of directors thereof. From and after the date of such filing, the organization of such district shall be complete, and the officers thereof shall be entitled to immediately enter upon the duties of their respective offices, upon qualifying in accordance with law, and shall hold such offices respectively until their successors are elected and qualified. For the purpose of the election for the formation of the district, the county board shall establish one or more election precincts in the proposed district, and define the boundary or boundaries thereof, which may thereafter be changed by the board of directors of such district.


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