Nebraska Revised Statute 32-951

Chapter 32


Ballots for early voting; prohibited acts.

No person shall:

(1) Impersonate or make a false representation in order to obtain a ballot for early voting for his or her own use or for use by another;

(2) Knowingly connive to help a person to vote such a ballot illegally;

(3) Destroy, steal, mark, or mutilate any such ballot after the same has been voted or aid or abet another to do so;

(4) Delay in delivering such a ballot to the election commissioner or county clerk to prevent the ballot from arriving in time to be counted;

(5) In any manner aid or attempt to aid any person to vote such a ballot unlawfully;

(6) Hinder or attempt to hinder a registered voter from voting any such ballot; or

(7) Hinder or attempt to hinder any official from delivering or counting any such ballot.