Nebraska Revised Statute 44-9218

Chapter 44


Fee; catastrophic fees.

(1) A public adjuster may charge the insured a reasonable fee for public adjuster services.

(2) A person shall not accept a commission, service fee, or other valuable consideration for investigating or settling claims in this state if that person is required to be licensed under the Public Adjusters Licensing Act and is not so licensed.

(3) In the event of a catastrophic disaster, there shall be limits on catastrophic fees. No public adjuster shall charge, agree to, or accept as compensation or reimbursement any payment, commission, fee, or other thing of value equal to or more than ten percent of any insurance settlement or proceeds resulting from a catastrophic disaster.

(4) No public adjuster shall require, demand, or accept any fee, retainer, compensation, deposit, or other thing of value prior to settlement of a claim unless the loss is being handled by the public adjuster on a time-plus-expense basis.