Nebraska Revised Statute 44-791

Chapter 44


Mental health conditions; legislative findings.

The Legislature finds that mental health conditions affect a significant number of Nebraskans. Mental health conditions, like severe physical injuries or illness, can be life-altering and debilitating in nature. If properly treated and managed by mental health professionals, persons with mental health conditions can and do lead full and productive lives. However, without such treatment or management, many mental health conditions will progressively deteriorate and negatively impact upon a person's livelihood, social relationships, and physical health.

The Legislature also finds that many persons with mental health conditions either do not seek treatment or do not complete or maintain such treatment programs. Treatment options are not underutilized due to the scarcity of professional resources or the lack of desire on the part of persons with mental health conditions, but rather treatment has become unaffordable as the result of the rising health care costs combined with a lack of insurance coverage for mental health conditions. The associated societal and monetary costs of providing no treatment or untimely treatment to persons with mental health conditions are great. It is the intent of sections 44-791 to 44-795 that persons with group health insurance plans providing coverage for mental health conditions be provided with a minimum level of coverage.