Nebraska Revised Statute 44-7525

Chapter 44


Joint underwriting; joint reinsurance; requirements; director; powers.

(1) Every joint underwriting pool or joint reinsurance pool shall file with the director a copy of its constitution, articles of incorporation, organization, agreement, or association, bylaws, and other rules and regulations governing its activities, a listing of its members, the name and address of a resident of this state upon whom notices, process, or orders of the director may be served, and any amendments or changes thereto.

(2) Notwithstanding section 44-7519, insurers participating in joint underwriting or in joint underwriting pools or joint reinsurance pools may, in connection with such activity, act in cooperation with each other in the development of rates, rating systems, policy forms, underwriting rules, surveys, inspections, and investigations, the furnishing of loss and expense statistics or other information, or the conducting of research.

(3) Except as provided in this section, joint underwriting, joint underwriting pool, and joint reinsurance pool activities shall be subject to the Property and Casualty Insurance Rate and Form Act.

(4) If, after a hearing in accordance with section 44-7532, the director finds that any activity or practice of an insurer participating in joint underwriting, a joint underwriting pool, or a joint reinsurance pool will tend to lessen competition in any market or is otherwise inconsistent with the provisions or purposes of the act, the director may issue an order requiring the discontinuance of such activity or practice.