Nebraska Revised Statute 44-7524

Chapter 44 Section 7524


Workers' compensation; uniform classification system required; premiums; how calculated.

(1) Every workers' compensation insurer shall adhere to a uniform classification system and shall report its experience in accordance with statistical plans and other reporting requirements to ensure that data is combined for all insurers for the development of prospective loss costs and the application of experience rating.

(2) Every insurer shall utilize experience rating plan modifiers developed by an advisory organization pursuant to an experience rating plan approved by the director.

(3) A workers' compensation insurer may develop subclassifications of the uniform classification system upon which a rate may be made. Such subclassifications and the filing shall be subject to the provisions of the Property and Casualty Insurance Rate and Form Act applicable to rating system filings generally.

(4) The director shall disapprove subclassifications, rating plans, or other variations from manual rules filed by a workers' compensation insurer or advisory organization if the insurer or advisory organization fails to demonstrate that the data produced can be reported consistently with the uniform classification system and experience rating system and will allow for the application of experience rating.

(5) Workers' compensation premiums shall be calculated on a basis that, as nearly as is practicable, after the effects of experience rating and other applicable rating plans have been considered, the sum of expected losses and expected expenses as a percentage of premium shall be the same for high-wage-paying and low-wage-paying employers in the same job classification.