Nebraska Revised Statute 44-511

Chapter 44


Life or annuity policy; form; approval; exception; appeal.

Except as otherwise provided by the Director of Insurance, no policy of life insurance or annuity shall be delivered or issued for delivery in this state, nor shall any endorsement, rider, or application which becomes a part of any such policy be used, until a copy of the form has been filed with the director. No such policy, endorsement, rider, or application shall be so used until the expiration of thirty days after the form has been received unless the director shall sooner give his or her written approval thereto. Such thirty-day period may be extended by the director for an additional period not to exceed thirty days. Notice of such extension shall be mailed to the insurer involved. The director shall notify in writing the insurer which has filed any such form if such form or provision or language thereof is unjust, unfair, inequitable, misleading, or deceptive, encourages misrepresentation of the coverage, or contrary to any provision of the statutes of this state or any rule or regulation adopted and promulgated thereunder, specifying the reasons for his or her opinion, and it shall thereafter be unlawful for such insurer to use such form in this state. In such notice, the director shall state that a hearing will be granted within thirty days upon written request of the insurer. In all other cases the director shall give his or her approval. The disapproval may be appealed, and the appeal shall be in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act.


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Cross References

  • Administrative Procedure Act, see section 84-920.