Nebraska Revised Statute 44-4310

Chapter 44


Risk management pool; report; examination.

(1) On or before March 1 of each year after a risk management pool has received a certificate of authority as prescribed in section 44-4307, it shall make and file with the Department of Insurance a report of its affairs and operations during the last preceding calendar year. Such report shall be made in such form and shall contain such information as the Director of Insurance may by rule or regulation prescribe in order to protect the public interest and the interests of the members of the pool. Upon application to and approval by the director, an individual pool may make and file the report on or before a date other than March 1 for a different twelve-month period in order to correspond with the applicable fiscal year established by the pool. The director may require any individual pool to file additional periodic reports as he or she may find to be reasonably necessary and appropriate to protect and inform members of the pool and the public, to insure solvency of the pool, and to insure fair dealings in the investments of the pool.

(2) The department shall examine the business affairs, records, and assets of each pool once every four years to assure that the pool is financially sound. The department may examine a pool sooner than four years from the preceding examination if the director has reason to believe that the pool is not financially sound. Any examination conducted by the department pursuant to this subsection shall be at the expense of the pool being examined.