Nebraska Revised Statute 44-4307

Chapter 44


Certificate of authority; issuance; fee.

(1) A risk management pool shall not provide any form of group self-insurance to its members until it has received a certificate of authority to do so from the Department of Insurance. Such certificate shall expire on the last day of April in each year and shall be renewed annually thereafter if the risk management pool has continued to comply with the Intergovernmental Risk Management Act and the rules and regulations of the Department of Insurance adopted and promulgated thereunder.

(2) The Department of Insurance shall issue a certificate of authority to a risk management pool if the Director of Insurance determines:

(a) That the pool's financial plan and plan of management and any amendments thereto satisfy the requirements of section 44-4306;

(b) That the pool has adequate surplus and reserves and will receive adequate financial contributions from its members in order to operate in a manner which is not hazardous to the public; and

(c) That any individual, corporation, partnership, limited liability company, or other entity engaged by the pool to provide services in connection with its management or operation is capable of running the affairs of the pool, is of good character and known business ability, and has a practical knowledge of the executive duties of conducting a risk management pool.

(3) The filing fee for a certificate of authority issued pursuant to the Intergovernmental Risk Management Act shall be one thousand dollars.