Nebraska Revised Statute 44-416.05

Chapter 44


Reinsurance agreements; purpose of sections.

The purpose of sections 44-416.05 to 44-416.10 is to protect the interest of insureds, claimants, ceding insurers, assuming insurers, and the public generally. The Legislature hereby declares its intent is to ensure adequate regulation of insurers and reinsurers and adequate protection for those to whom they owe obligations. In furtherance of that state interest, the Legislature hereby provides a mandate that upon the insolvency of a non-United-States insurer or reinsurer that provides security to fund its United States obligations in accordance with such sections, the assets representing the security shall be maintained in the United States and claims shall be filed with and valued by the state insurance commissioner with regulatory oversight, and the assets shall be distributed, in accordance with the insurance laws of the state in which the trust is domiciled that are applicable to the liquidation of domestic United States insurance companies. The Legislature declares that the matters contained in such sections are fundamental to the business of insurance in accordance with 15 U.S.C. 1011 and 1012.