Nebraska Revised Statute 44-314

Chapter 44 Section 314


City or county offering individual or family health insurance to first responders; prohibited acts.

(1) No city or county offering an individual or family health insurance policy to first responders shall cancel such individual or family health insurance for any first responder who suffers serious bodily injury from an assault that occurs while the first responder is on duty and that results in the first responder falling below the minimum number of working hours needed to maintain his or her regular individual or family health insurance.

(2) The city or county shall only be obligated to provide such health insurance while the first responder is employed with the city or county.

(3) A city or county may cancel such health insurance if the first responder does not return to employment within twelve months after the date of injury.

(4) For purposes of this section, first responder means a sheriff, deputy sheriff, police officer, paid firefighter, or paid individual licensed under a licensure classification in subdivision (1) of section 38-1217 who provides medical care in order to prevent loss of life or aggravation of physiological or psychological illness or injury.