Nebraska Revised Statute 44-237

Chapter 44


Domestic stock company; change to mutual company; hearing; objections; evidence.

The Director of Insurance shall hold the hearing on objections as provided by sections 44-233 to 44-241 and shall receive written objections to the plan and amendments from any policyholder or shareholder and any evidence offered in support thereof. He or she may employ such actuaries, appraisers, and other experts and make such examinations of the company and its books, records, and property as he or she deems necessary. The Director of Insurance shall cause a full and complete written record of the hearing to be made. Any interested party having objections to the plan or any part thereof shall fully state such objections in written form and file them with the director prior to the hearing. Upon the hearing any objector may offer such evidence as may be determined by the Director of Insurance to be relevant and proper. Upon appeal from the order of the director, the value of each shareholder's interest in the company and the amount to be paid therefor shall not be increased or decreased by reason of any change of circumstances occurring after the filing of such order.