Nebraska Revised Statute 44-236

Chapter 44 Section 236


Domestic stock company; change to mutual company; plan; director; duties; notice.

Upon receipt of the documents described in section 44-234, the Director of Insurance shall promptly forward by mail to each shareholder of the company a copy of the proposed amendments to the articles of incorporation, a copy of the plan for mutualization or a summary thereof, and a written notice of hearing. The notice of hearing shall contain:

(1) A notification of the time, which shall be at least thirty days from the time of mailing the notice, and place for the hearing of objections to the plan for mutualization; and

(2) A statement that, upon the hearing and due consideration of the proposed plan and amendments to the articles of incorporation, the director may either disapprove the plan, approve the plan as submitted, including the value of the interest of the shareholders in the company as ascertained and stated in the plan, or approve the plan only subject to such modifications as he or she may propose, in which event it shall be returned to the company for approval by the board of directors, and that upon final approval in either event the plan shall, subject to approval by the owners of at least two-thirds of the stock of the company at a regular or special meeting called for the purpose, be placed in effect and the stock of the company retired and canceled and the value ascertained by the director paid to the shareholders all as provided in the plan.


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