Nebraska Revised Statute 43-104.14

Chapter 43


Child born out of wedlock; agency or attorney; duty to notify biological father by publication; when.

(1) If the agency or attorney representing the biological mother is unable through reasonable efforts to locate and serve notice on the biological father or possible biological fathers as contemplated in sections 43-104.12 and 43-104.13, the agency or attorney shall notify the biological father or possible biological fathers by publication.

(2) The publication shall be made once a week for three consecutive weeks in a legal newspaper of general circulation in the Nebraska county or county of another state which is most likely to provide actual notice to the biological father. The publication shall include:

(a) The first name or initials of the father or possible father or the entry "John Doe, real name unknown", if applicable;

(b) A description of the father or possible father if his first name is or initials are unknown;

(c) The approximate date of conception of the child and the city and state in which conception occurred, if known;

(d) The date of birth or expected birth of the child;

(e) That he has been identified as the biological father or possible biological father of a child whom the biological mother currently intends to place for adoption and the approximate date that placement will occur;

(f) That he has the right to (i) deny paternity, (ii) waive any parental rights he may have, (iii) relinquish and consent to adoption of the child, (iv) file a Notice of Objection to Adoption and Intent to Obtain Custody any time during the pregnancy or as late as ten business days after birth pursuant to section 43-104.02 if he is a putative father, or (v) object to the adoption in court within forty-five days after the later of receipt of notice under this section or the birth of the child if he is an acknowledged or adjudicated father;

(g) That in order to deny paternity, waive his parental rights, relinquish and consent to the adoption, or receive additional information to determine whether he is the father of the child in question, he must contact the undersigned agency or attorney representing the biological mother; and

(h) That if he wishes to object to the adoption and seek custody of the child, he must seek legal counsel from his own attorney immediately.