Nebraska Revised Statute 42-821

Chapter 42


Petition for conciliation; limitation on certain actions; order for temporary custody, child support, and alimony; authorized.

(1) During a period beginning upon the filing of the petition for conciliation and continuing until the earlier of (a) thirty days after the hearing of the petition for conciliation or (b) the dismissal of the petition, neither spouse shall file any action for dissolution of marriage, annulment of marriage, or separate maintenance, except that, for the purpose of protecting the minor children of the parties and the parties, the county court and district court shall have authority after proper notice to enter orders for temporary custody of minor children, temporary child support, and temporary alimony, notwithstanding any such reconciliation proceedings. An order for temporary child support or an order for temporary alimony which is a part of an order providing for temporary child support when the spouse and child reside in the same household shall be governed by the provisions of sections 42-347 to 42-381 relating to child and spousal support. Certified copies of such orders shall be filed by the clerk of the court and treated in the same manner as other such orders.

(2) If, after the expiration of the period specified in subsection (1) of this section, the controversy between the spouses has not been terminated, either spouse may institute proceedings for dissolution of marriage, annulment of marriage, or separate maintenance. The pendency of a dissolution of marriage, annulment, or separate maintenance action shall not operate as a bar to the instituting of proceedings for conciliation under the Conciliation Court Law, but if such action is pending before a petition for conciliation is filed, the court may permit proceeding with such action at any time for good cause shown.


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