Nebraska Revised Statute 42-364.05

Chapter 42


Child support; withholding of earnings; court; jurisdiction.

The court that entered the order requiring the parent to pay any amount for the support of a minor child and in which the application to withhold and transmit earnings is filed shall have jurisdiction of any employer who transacts any business in the state or contracts to supply services or things in the state and of the parent-employee and all the parent-employee's earnings if the parent-employee be a resident of the state, and, if the parent-employee not be a resident of the state, of those earnings of the parent-employee arising from the performance of work, the providing of services, or the sale of goods or services for the employer by the parent-employee in the state. Such court has jurisdiction regardless of where in the state the employer transacts business or contracts to supply services or things, or where the parent-employee resides or performs work, provides services, or sells goods and services. A failure of service, as required by the provisions of sections 42-364.03 and 42-364.04, upon the parent-employee shall not affect the court's jurisdiction of the earnings and of the employer.


  • Laws 1974, LB 1015, § 10.