Nebraska Revised Statute 42-364.03

Chapter 42


Child support; withholding of earnings; hearing notice; interrogatories.

Upon the filing of an application to withhold and transmit earnings, the court shall set a date, time, and place for a hearing thereon, which hearing shall be set not more than three weeks later than the date such application is filed. The applicant shall then cause to be served on the employer a copy of the application, a notice of hearing and interrogatories to be completed and returned by the employer to the court no later than three days prior to the hearing, which interrogatories when completed shall show whether the parent-employee is an employee of the employer, whether such parent-employee performs work or provides services or makes sales for the employer in Nebraska, the present length of employment of the parent-employee with the employer, the present pay period for such parent-employee, the average earnings for such parent-employee per pay period, the average disposable earnings for such parent-employee per pay period, and the name and address of the person, office or division of the employer responsible for the preparation of the parent-employee's earnings payments. The applicant shall also cause to be served on the parent-employee a copy of the application and a notice of hearing.


  • Laws 1974, LB 1015, § 8.