Nebraska Revised Statute 39-870

Chapter 39


Bridge commission; powers; bylaws; regulations; assistants; compensation; records.

The commission shall have power to establish bylaws, rules and regulations for its own government, and to make and enter into all contracts or agreements necessary or incidental to the performance of its duties and the execution of its powers under sections 39-868 to 39-870. The commission may employ engineering, architectural and construction experts and inspectors, and attorneys, and such other employees as may be necessary in its opinion, and fix their compensation, all of whom shall do such work as the commission shall direct. All salaries and compensation shall be obligations against and paid solely from funds provided under the authority of sections 39-855 to 39-876. The office, records, books and accounts of the bridge commission shall always be maintained in the county which the commission represents. Such commission may be charged by the governing body of the county with the purchase of existing bridges, the construction of new bridges or the operation, maintenance, repair, renewal, reconstruction, replacement, extension or enlargement of existing bridges, or bridges hereafter constructed or purchased.


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