Nebraska Revised Statute 39-8,107

Chapter 39


Interstate bridges; construction and maintenance; agreements with adjoining states.

The department shall have the power and authority to enter into agreements with an adjoining state respecting the construction or maintenance of the whole or any part of any interstate bridge between the State of Nebraska and the adjoining state. In addition to the provisions required by sections 39-8,106 and 39-8,108, such agreements may make provision for, but shall not be limited to:

(1) The types of construction and maintenance to be performed, including the construction and maintenance of any movable spans, sections, or parts of such bridges, and maintenance of an emergency nature;

(2) The times and places at which such construction or maintenance shall be accomplished;

(3) Whether such construction or maintenance may be contracted to any person, and under what conditions;

(4) Which state shall perform, or let the necessary contracts for, such construction or maintenance; and

(5) The manner and method of accomplishing any reimbursement which shall be necessary between the department and the adjoining state.


  • Laws 1959, c. 175, § 17, p. 639.