Nebraska Revised Statute 39-8,108

Chapter 39


Interstate bridges; construction contracts; limitations.

Any agreement made between the department and an adjoining state making provision for the manner and method of construction of interstate bridges shall provide that the department shall not let any contract of construction involving construction within both the State of Nebraska and an adjoining state, nor authorize the adjoining state to let any such contract which will bind the department or the State of Nebraska in any manner, until:

(1) The adjoining state has, by appropriate action through the proper authority, appropriated, allocated, or otherwise provided the necessary funds to pay the costs of that portion of such construction to be accomplished within the adjoining state, and bound itself to use such funds in the payment of such costs; and

(2) The adjoining state has acquired the land, real or personal property, or interest therein, which may be necessary before construction can proceed.


  • Laws 1959, c. 175, § 18, p. 640.